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I tore down a building and did not perform an A.H.E.R.A. inspection. Is it too late to do one now?

The standard answer is yes, however it really depends upon the structure and how many suspect materials could reasonably be expected in the building. As an example: a garage that was built in 1975 and was not finished on the inside will contain minimal suspect materials and you may be able to identify and test all of the suspect materials after it has been demolished. Please be aware that in Washington State you are suppose to secure permits from your local air agency and they will require an inspection before issuing a demolition permit. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure you are not exposing people to the hazards of asbestos during the demolition and disposal activity. If asbestos is identified in the structure after it has been demolished, you have defeated the purpose of the inspection and may be subject to fines by several state agencies.