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Wasn't Asbestos banned?

No. There has been a rather common misunderstanding about the 1989 EPA ban on asbestos-containing materials, products or uses. Newspaper and magazine articles, Internet information, even some currently available (but outdated) documents from EPA and other governmental agencies may contain statements about an EPA asbestos ban that are incorrect. In fact, in 1991 the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated much of the so-called "Asbestos Ban and Phase-out" rule and remanded it to the EPA. Thus, much of the original 1989 EPA ban on the U.S. manufacturing, importation, processing, distribution in commerce of many asbestos-containing product categories were set aside and did not take effect. Six asbestos-containing product categories are still subject to the 1989 asbestos ban however, EPA has no existing bans on most other asbestos-containing products or uses.