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Recovery 1 is a Resource Recovery, Recycling & Research Facility Dedicated to Developing Sustainable Waste Management Systems
Waste is a Resource Out of Place
What can I send in as part of a full building demolition?

Entire building demolition projects can be sent to Recovery 1 after you have:

1. Completed the A.H.E.R.A. building inspection and provided us with a copy.

2. Removed all asbestos containing materials and provided us with a letter of abatement completion.

3. Removed all mercury containing devices, (fluorescent lamps, silent switches, thermostats, etc.)

4. Removed all PCB containing devices, (light ballasts are of primary concern in residential demolition, however, all PCB containing devices must be removed).

5. Tested all of the painted surfaces and removed any that contain lead-based paint.

We use XRF technology to determine the presence of lead-based paint. Any painted surface that registers higher than 0.5-mg/cm2 will be rejected. The amount of lead that is allowed in debris going to a landfill is much higher than what we will accept for recycle. Landfills typically accept materials treated with lead-based paint as long as they do not leach more than 5.0-PPM lead during the TCLP test performed at a laboratory.

Do not confuse "acceptable for disposal" with "acceptable for recycle".