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US Green Building Council Ruling on Wood Derived Fuel

On October 26, 2006 Recovery 1 was informed that LEED points for Materials Waste Management were denied by a US Green Building Council (USGBC) review team certifying a project in Seattle.  The review team confused the production of Wood Derived Fuel, (WDF) with Incineration which dropped our average recycling rate during the project from 98% to 30%.  Recovery 1 solicited the help of the consultants at Paladino and Company Green Building Strategies to prepare and present a Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) that would accurately describe the process of WDF manufacturing to the Technical Advisory Group, (TAG).  The CIR was accepted by the Materials and Resources TAG for review on 12-01-2006 and on 12-19-2006 the following ruling was issued:
Based upon the process description provided, Wood Derived Fuel (WDF) meets the intent of this credit.  The WDF process described differs from incineration processes that are not allowed in this credit because the recycling facility provides a value-added process; it is a service that exists to sort and distribute materials appropriate to the highest end uses possible.  In addition, the revenue generated by the WDF commodity helps to make this business successful and thus facilitates recycling of wood to other end uses as well as recycling of other materials.
Recovery 1 is very proud to be a member of the USGBC and very pleased with the prompt response we received with the assistance of the consultants from Paladino & Company Green Building Strategies.