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Recovery 1 is a Resource Recovery, Recycling & Research Facility Dedicated to Developing Sustainable Waste Management Systems
Waste is a Resource Out of Place

Demolition Debris / Renovation Debris

This category is for Co-Mingled loads from building demolition / renovation projects.
Demolition in ProgressBEFORE LOADS WILL BE ACCEPTED:  Documentation proving that an A.H.E.R.A. inspection was completed must be provided. 
IF ASBESTOS CONTAINING MATERIALS ARE DISCOVERED: Documentation proving all the asbestos containing materials were removed must be provided. 
Current Asbestos and Demolition Information and Forms can be found at
All mercury containing building materials must be removed such as but not limited to, thermostats, silent switches, float switches and florescent light tubes.  Loads including mercury containing materials or evidence of mercury containing materials (broken lights) will be rejected. 
Mercury containing materials can be recycled at Total Reclaim (206) 343-7443. 

Lead-Based Paint must be removed.
  We use XRF technology to detect lead in paint.  Painted surfaces with more than 0.5 mg/cm2 lead in the paint will not be accepted for recycle. 

Demolition Load