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How to Mulch

Designer Mulch is the safest, most effective way to add beauty to your landscape. Laying mulch in the spring, helps to control weeds whereas during the winter, helps to regulate the ground temperature. Below are some suggestions to help you achieve beautiful results.

Before you Mulch
Kill all weeds one to two weeks prior to your mulch application. We recommend using a non-toxic weed killer.
Trim and Prune your trees and bushes
Rake out all of your trimmings, leaves and dead weeds
Cultivate the area where your new mulch will go, using a roto-tiller or hand cultivator, then rake smooth.
Consider putting down a layer of Landscape Mesh, to keep new weeds from growing.

Mulch Maintenance

After the mulch has had time to settle (2-4weeks), check for compaction. If the mulch has compacted too much, use a metal rake to break it up, allowing water and air to pass through more easily. This should be done periodically.

As the mulch breaks down, it can take nitrogen from the soil. Add a high nitrogen fertilizer over the mulch if the mulch was incorporated into the soil.
Mulching Tips

Keep the mulch away from the base of your trees. Placing mulch too close can cause harm to the tree.
Mulching too early in the season can prevent the soil from drying out. Check the moisture level before mulching.
Periodically "fluff" your mulch to avoid compaction.