Recovery 1
Recovery 1 Tacoma, WA bullet (800) 949.5852
Recovery 1 is a Resource Recovery, Recycling & Research Facility Dedicated to Developing Sustainable Waste Management Systems
Waste is a Resource Out of Place
Co-Mingled Construction Debris and Shipping Crates
This category is for Concrete Form Boards, Shipping Crates and Co-Mingled loads from NEW construction job-sites...
Demolition Debris / Renovation Debris
This category is for Co-Mingled loads of wood debris from building demolition / renovation projects...
New & Used Unpainted Wood
This category is for loads that are 100% wood...
Land-Clearing Debris
This category consists of Stumps, Brush and Tree Limbs...
Gypsum Debris
This category is for new gypsum scrap...
Carpet and Carpet Pad
This category is for all types of carpet.
This category is for Concrete, Bricks, Rocks and Porcelain.